The Punisher (1989 film)

The Punisher

The Punisher: The avenging angel of Marvel Comics fame comes brilliantly to life in this searing action-adventure thriller! Dolph Lundgren stars as Frank Castle, a veteran cop who loses his entire family to a mafia car bomb. His ex-partner believes Castle survived the blast and became the Punisher, living in the sewers and exacting vigilante violence against mob bosses throughout the city. When the populace is caught in the midst of a gang war that he caused, Castle must again emerge from the shadows and save the innocent.

The Punisher Overview

Budget 9 million
Category Action , Thriller
Production company New World Pictures (US) , Marvel Entertainment (US)
Original language en
Runtime 1.483 Hour
Release date 1989-10-05
Spoken language English
Rating 57%
Vote Count 525

The Punisher - FAQ

What is Budget of The Punisher ?

Budget of The Punisher is 9 million

What are Categories of The Punisher ?

Category of The Punisher is Action , Thriller

What are the Production companies of The Punisher ?

Production companies of The Punisher are New World Pictures (US) , Marvel Entertainment (US)

What is the Original language of The Punisher ?

Original_language of The Punisher is en

What is the Run time of The Punisher ?

Run time of The Punisher is 1.483 Hour

What is Release date of The Punisher ?

Release date of The Punisher is 1989-10-05


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