Eraser (1996 film)


Eraser: U.S. Marshall John Kruger erases the identities of people enrolled in the Witness Protection Program. His current assignment is to protect Lee Cullen, who's uncovered evidence that the weapons manufacturer she works for has been selling to terrorist groups. When Kruger discovers that there's a corrupt agent within the program, he must guard his own life while trying to protect Lee's.

Eraser Overview

Budget 100 million
Category Action , Drama , Mystery , Thriller
Production company Kopelson Entertainment , Warner Bros. Pictures (US)
Box office 242.296 million
Original language en
Runtime 1.917 Hour
Release date 1996-06-21
Spoken language English
Rating 60.51%
Vote Count 1678

Eraser - FAQ

What is Budget of Eraser ?

Budget of Eraser is 100 million

What are Categories of Eraser ?

Category of Eraser is Action , Drama , Mystery , Thriller

What are the Production companies of Eraser ?

Production companies of Eraser are Kopelson Entertainment , Warner Bros. Pictures (US)

What is the Box office collection of Eraser ?

Box office Collection of Eraser is 242.296 million

What is the Original language of Eraser ?

Original_language of Eraser is en

What is the Run time of Eraser ?

Run time of Eraser is 1.917 Hour

What is Release date of Eraser ?

Release date of Eraser is 1996-06-21


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