Champagne ! (2022 film)

Champagne !

Champagne !: Springtime in the French vineyards of Champagne. Patrick has gathered his oldest friends for his bachelor party. The trouble is, everyone hates his future wife. This could thus become one hellish weekend in gourmet paradise.

Champagne ! Overview

Category Comedy
Production company M6 Films (FR) , SND (FR) , Radar Films (FR) , Dog One Production (FR)
Original language fr
Runtime 1.667 Hour
Release date 2022-06-08
Spoken language Français
Rating 54.14%
Vote Count 81

Champagne ! - FAQ

What is Category of Champagne ! ?

Category of Champagne ! is Comedy

What are the Production companies of Champagne ! ?

Production companies of Champagne ! are M6 Films (FR) , SND (FR) , Radar Films (FR) , Dog One Production (FR)

What is the Original language of Champagne ! ?

Original_language of Champagne ! is fr

What is the Run time of Champagne ! ?

Run time of Champagne ! is 1.667 Hour

What is Release date of Champagne ! ?

Release date of Champagne ! is 2022-06-08


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