Whisper (2022 film)


Whisper: A young Nurse is assigned to look after a patient in a remote location in the English countryside. As the night continues she finds herself terrorized by an unseen force that is connected with her patient.

Whisper Overview

Budget 0.02 million
Category Horror , Thriller
Production company Greenway Entertainment
Original language en
Runtime 1.267 Hour
Release date 2022-01-23
Spoken language English
Rating 64%
Vote Count 60

Whisper - FAQ

What is Budget of Whisper ?

Budget of Whisper is 0.02 million

What are Categories of Whisper ?

Category of Whisper is Horror , Thriller

What is the Production company of Whisper ?

Production companies of Whisper is Greenway Entertainment

What is the Original language of Whisper ?

Original_language of Whisper is en

What is the Run time of Whisper ?

Run time of Whisper is 1.267 Hour

What is Release date of Whisper ?

Release date of Whisper is 2022-01-23


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