Hot Shots! (1991 film)

Hot Shots!

Hot Shots!: The gang that created Airplane and The Naked Gun sets its sights on Top Gun in this often hilarious spoof starring Charlie Sheen, who previously only inspired laughs with his personal life. He plays Topper Harley, a fighter pilot with an ax to grind: clearing the family name. He gets involved in a relationship with Valerie Golino, a woman with an unusually talented stomach. But his mission is to avenge his father. Lloyd Bridges, late in his career, revealed an aptitude for this kind of silliness, here as a commander who is both incredibly dim and delightfully accident prone. Directed by Jim Abrahams, the film makes fun of a variety of other films as well, from Dances with Wolves to The Fabulous Baker Boys. It was so successful that they all returned in the sequel, Hot Shots! Part Deux.

Hot Shots! Overview

Budget 26 million
Category Action , Comedy , War
Production company 20th Century Fox (US)
Box office 181.096 million
Original language en
Runtime 1.4 Hour
Release date 1991-07-31
Spoken language English
Rating 65.64% 65.64
Vote Count 2021

Hot Shots! - FAQ

What is Budget of Hot Shots! ?

Budget of Hot Shots! is 26 million

What are Categories of Hot Shots! ?

Category of Hot Shots! is Action , Comedy , War

What is the Production company of Hot Shots! ?

Production companies of Hot Shots! is 20th Century Fox (US)

What is the Box office collection of Hot Shots! ?

Box office Collection of Hot Shots! is 181.096 million

What is the Original language of Hot Shots! ?

Original_language of Hot Shots! is en

What is the Run time of Hot Shots! ?

Run time of Hot Shots! is 1.4 Hour

What is Release date of Hot Shots! ?

Release date of Hot Shots! is 1991-07-31


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