Deinfluencer (2022 film)


Deinfluencer: An influential cheerleader finds herself held captive by a masked psychopath with a God complex. She must complete a series of sadistic social media challenges to save her life and the lives of her fellow captives. However, the masked kidnapper has a secret agenda for his most recent victim.

Deinfluencer Overview

Category Horror , Thriller
Original language en
Runtime 1.517 Hour
Release date 2022-12-06
Spoken language English
Rating 49.06%
Vote Count 16

Deinfluencer - FAQ

What are Categories of Deinfluencer ?

Category of Deinfluencer is Horror , Thriller

What is the Original language of Deinfluencer ?

Original_language of Deinfluencer is en

What is the Run time of Deinfluencer ?

Run time of Deinfluencer is 1.517 Hour

What is Release date of Deinfluencer ?

Release date of Deinfluencer is 2022-12-06


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