Isabel Lucas

Isabel Lucas, born on 29th January 1985, is an Australian actress perhaps best known for her role as Tasha Andrews on the Australian television soap opera Home and Away (2003–2006). Lucas won a Logie Award (for new popular talent) for her performance on the program. Lucas was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. As a child, Lucas lived in Cairns, Queensland. She also lived in Switzerland, Kakadu, and Northern Territory. She has a Swiss mother and an Australian father and speaks German and French in addition to her native English. Lucas went to St. Monica's College in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. She moved to Los Angeles in early 2008 and has since been featured in film and television projects including Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, The Pacific and Daybreakers. Lucas is a vegetarian. Lucas was nominated as one of Australia’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities on PETA for 2010. Lucas enrolled in the Victorian College of Arts but had never pursued commercial roles until she was spotted at the Port Douglas market by Sharron Meissner, a Sydney theatrical agent. She auditioned for the role of Kit Hunter in Home and Away although the producer of the show, Julie McGauran, felt that role was not right for Isabel, she was sufficiently impressed to have a new character, Tasha Andrews, created for her. Playing Tasha Andrews on Home and Away was Lucas' first television role. She appeared in an American television commercial for Crest toothpaste. Lucas has been cast as Gwen in the Steven Spielberg World War II miniseries, The Pacific. She appeared in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen as Alice. Reports suggested that although assigned to the William Morris Talent Agency in Los Angeles through the auspices of Meissner Management, Lucas obtained the role of Alice in her native Australia before moving permanently to America. It has been claimed that Lucas was handpicked by Steven Spielberg.

Name Isabel Lucas
Age 39 years 2 month 26 days old
Net Worth 5 million
Height 1.68 meter
Born Place Melbourne, Australia
Nationality AU
Birthday 1985-01-29

Isabel Lucas - FAQ

1. Isabel Lucas Age in 2024 ?

Isabel Lucas Age in 2024 is 39 years 2 month 26 days old

2. What is the birthday of Isabel Lucas ?

Birthday of Isabel Lucas is 1985-01-29

3. what is the net worth of Isabel Lucas in 2024 ?

Isabel Lucas net worth in 2024 is 5 million

4. what is the height of Isabel Lucas ?

Isabel Lucas height is 1.68 meter

5. what is the nationality of Isabel Lucas ?

Isabel Lucas nationality is AU

6. What is the Isabel Lucas occupation ?

Isabel Lucas occupation is actor , model

7. What is the gender of Isabel Lucas ?

Gender of Isabel Lucas is Female

8. Where Isabel Lucas was born?

Isabel Lucas was born in Melbourne, Australia

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