Jared Martin

Jared Christopher Martin was an American film and television actor. He was best known for his role as Steven "Dusty" Farlow in the 1978 series Dallas and for roles on two science fiction TV series, The Fantastic Journey and War of the Worlds.

Martin was born in Manhattan to Charles Elmer Martin, a cover artist and cartoonist for The New Yorker, and his wife, Florence Taylor, an artist and homemaker. He began acting at the age of ten in a local children's theater group. After graduating from the Putney School and Columbia University, where his roommate was Brian De Palma, he spent a summer apprenticing with Joseph Papp's Shakespeare in the Park. After graduating, he worked for a couple of years at The New York Times as a copy boy and thumbnail book reviewer for the Sunday edition.

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Name Jared Martin
Age 82 years 5 month 1 days old
Born Place Manhattan, New York, USA
Birthday 1941-12-21
Death 2017-05-24

Jared Martin - FAQ

1. Jared Martin Age in 2024 ?

Jared Martin Age in 2024 is 82 years 5 month 1 days old

2. What was the birthday of Jared Martin ?

Birthday of Jared Martin was 1941-12-21

3. What was the gender of Jared Martin ?

Gender of Jared Martin was Male

4. When Jared Martin was Died ?

Jared Martin was died on 2017-05-24

5. What was nick name of Jared Martin ?

Nick name of Jared Martin was Jared Christopher Martin

6. Where Jared Martin was born?

Jared Martin was born in Manhattan, New York, USA

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