Tina Aumont

Maria Christina Aumont best known as Tina Aumont, was an American actress of French and Dominican descent.

She was born in Hollywood, California, the daughter of actors Jean-Pierre Aumont and Maria Montez. She married actor and film director Christian Marquand in 1963, at the age of 17.

She made her debut as Tina Marquand in Joseph Losey's 1966 movie Modesty Blaise. She worked in Italian cinema with, among others, Alberto Sordi (Scusi, lei è favorevole o contrario?, 1966), Tinto Brass (L'urlo, 1968 and Salon Kitty, 1975), Mauro Bolognini (Fatti di gente perbene, 1974), Francesco Rosi (Cadaveri eccellenti, 1975), and Federico Fellini (Fellini's Casanova, 1976).

In 2000 she retired from film work. She suffered a pulmonary embolism and died in Port-Vendres, Pyrénées-Orientales, France at age 60.

Name Tina Aumont
Age 78 years 2 month 3 days old
Born Place Hollywood, California, USA
Birthday 1946-02-14
Death 2006-10-28

Tina Aumont - FAQ

1. Tina Aumont Age in 2024 ?

Tina Aumont Age in 2024 is 78 years 2 month 3 days old

2. What was the birthday of Tina Aumont ?

Birthday of Tina Aumont was 1946-02-14

3. What was the gender of Tina Aumont ?

Gender of Tina Aumont was Female

4. When Tina Aumont was Died ?

Tina Aumont was died on 2006-10-28

5. What was nick name of Tina Aumont ?

Nick name of Tina Aumont was Maria Christina Aumont,Tina Marquand

6. Where Tina Aumont was born?

Tina Aumont was born in Hollywood, California, USA

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