John Woo

John Woo Yu-Sen SBS is a Hong Kong film director and producer. Recognized for his stylised films of highly choreographed action sequences, Mexican standoffs, and use of slow-motion, Woo has directed several notable Hong Kong action films, among them, A Better Tomorrow, The Killer, Hard Boiled and Red Cliff. His Hollywood films include Hard Target, Broken Arrow, Face/Off and Mission: Impossible 2. He also created the comic series Seven Brothers, published by Virgin Comics. Woo was described by Dave Kehr in The Observer in 2002 as "arguably the most influential director making movies today". Woo cites his three favorite films as David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia, Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai and Jean-Pierre Melville's Le Samouraï.

Name John Woo
Age 77 years 6 month 29 days old
Net Worth 60 million
Height 1.64 meter
Born Place Guangzhou, China
Nationality CN
Birthday 1946-09-22

John Woo - FAQ

1. John Woo Age in 2024 ?

John Woo Age in 2024 is 77 years 6 month 29 days old

2. What is the birthday of John Woo ?

Birthday of John Woo is 1946-09-22

3. what is the net worth of John Woo in 2024 ?

John Woo net worth in 2024 is 60 million

4. what is the height of John Woo ?

John Woo height is 1.64 meter

5. what is the nationality of John Woo ?

John Woo nationality is CN

6. What is the John Woo occupation ?

John Woo occupation is film_producer , screenwriter , actor , film_director , film_editor

7. What is the gender of John Woo ?

Gender of John Woo is Male

8. What is nick name of John Woo ?

Nick name of John Woo is 吳宇森,Wu Yu-Sheng,Wu Yu-Shen,Wu Yao-Shen,John Y. S. Woo,John Y. Woo,Ng Yue-Sum,吴宇森

9. Where John Woo was born?

John Woo was born in Guangzhou, China

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