Sofia Pernas

Sofia Pernas (born 31 July 1989) is an American actress. She was born in Fes, Morocco, and saw a lot of the world before finally settling in Los Angeles. With a mind initially geared towards reporting, Pernas' life took an unexpected turn when she was approached by a modeling scout and later an acting agent who put her career into motion. Her unique look is attributed to a Moroccan mother and Galician father.

Name Sofia Pernas
Age 34 years 9 month 26 days old
Born Place Fès, Morocco
Birthday 1989-07-31

Sofia Pernas - FAQ

1. Sofia Pernas Age in 2024 ?

Sofia Pernas Age in 2024 is 34 years 9 month 26 days old

2. What is the birthday of Sofia Pernas ?

Birthday of Sofia Pernas is 1989-07-31

3. What is the gender of Sofia Pernas ?

Gender of Sofia Pernas is Female

4. Where Sofia Pernas was born?

Sofia Pernas was born in Fès, Morocco

Sofia Pernas Photo

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