Nigel Planer

Nigel George Planer (born 22 February 1953) is a British actor, comedian, musician, novelist and playwright. He played Neil in the BBC comedy The Young Ones and Ralph Filthy in Filthy Rich & Catflap. He has appeared in many West End musicals, including original casts of Evita, Chicago, We Will Rock You, Wicked, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Name Nigel Planer
Age 71 years 3 month 0 days old
Born Place Westminster, London, England, UK
Birthday 1953-02-22

Nigel Planer - FAQ

1. Nigel Planer Age in 2024 ?

Nigel Planer Age in 2024 is 71 years 3 month 0 days old

2. What is the birthday of Nigel Planer ?

Birthday of Nigel Planer is 1953-02-22

3. What is the gender of Nigel Planer ?

Gender of Nigel Planer is Male

4. Where Nigel Planer was born?

Nigel Planer was born in Westminster, London, England, UK

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