Jeremy Jordan

Jeremy Michael Jordan (born November 20, 1984) is a Tony-nominated American actor and singer. He has performed on Broadway, in television and film, as well as in other theatrical productions. He is known for his role of 'Jamie' in the 2014 movie adaptation of the musical, 'The Last Five Years'.

He has played the roles of Jack Kelly in the 2012 musical Newsies, Clyde Barrow in the 2011 musical Bonnie & Clyde, Dr. Pomatter in the musical Waitress, and Jamie Wellerstein in the 2014 film The Last Five Years. Beginning in 2015, he has played Winslow "Winn" Schott, Jr., the son of DC Comics villain character Toyman, on the CBS/CW DC Comics-based superhero drama series Supergirl.

Name Jeremy Jordan
Age 39 years 6 month 0 days old
Net Worth 3 million
Born Place Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
Nationality US
Birthday 1984-11-20

Jeremy Jordan - FAQ

1. Jeremy Jordan Age in 2024 ?

Jeremy Jordan Age in 2024 is 39 years 6 month 0 days old

2. What is the birthday of Jeremy Jordan ?

Birthday of Jeremy Jordan is 1984-11-20

3. what is the net worth of Jeremy Jordan in 2024 ?

Jeremy Jordan net worth in 2024 is 3 million

4. what is the nationality of Jeremy Jordan ?

Jeremy Jordan nationality is US

5. What is the Jeremy Jordan occupation ?

Jeremy Jordan occupation is singer , actor , dancer

6. What is the gender of Jeremy Jordan ?

Gender of Jeremy Jordan is Male

7. What is nick name of Jeremy Jordan ?

Nick name of Jeremy Jordan is Τζέρεμι Τζόρνταν,Τζέρεμι Μάικλ Τζόρνταν

8. Where Jeremy Jordan was born?

Jeremy Jordan was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

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