Conrad Vernon

Conrad Vernon IV is an American director, storyboard artist, writer, and voice actor who is best known for directing DreamWorks Animation films, including the Shrek franchise (in which he also voiced the Gingerbread Man), the Madagascar franchise and The Penguins of Madagascar spin-off film (in which he also voiced Mason and Rico respectively), and Monsters vs. Aliens (in which he also voiced Insectosaurus). Additionally, he directed the 2016 R-rated animated comedy film, Sausage Party.

Name Conrad Vernon
Age 55 years 7 month 14 days old
Born Place Lubbock, Texas, USA
Birthday 1968-07-11

Conrad Vernon - FAQ

1. Conrad Vernon Age in 2024 ?

Conrad Vernon Age in 2024 is 55 years 7 month 14 days old

2. What is the birthday of Conrad Vernon ?

Birthday of Conrad Vernon is 1968-07-11

3. What is the gender of Conrad Vernon ?

Gender of Conrad Vernon is Male

4. Where Conrad Vernon was born?

Conrad Vernon was born in Lubbock, Texas, USA

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