Mike Smith

Mike Smith is a Canadian actor and musician born in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, and raised in Thorburn. He earned a degree in English from St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. He played hockey for the Pictou County Weeks of the Nova Scotia Midget AAA Hockey League when he was in high school. For a short time in 2006, he was engaged to actress Nichole Hiltz. He is best known for his portrayal of "Bubbles" and co-writer of the ongoing cult classic television program, films and stage production Trailer Park Boys.

Name Mike Smith
Age 51 years 9 month 24 days old
Net Worth 12 million
Born Place Thorburn, Nova Scotia, Canada
Nationality US
Birthday 1972-08-27

Mike Smith - FAQ

1. Mike Smith Age in 2024 ?

Mike Smith Age in 2024 is 51 years 9 month 24 days old

2. What is the birthday of Mike Smith ?

Birthday of Mike Smith is 1972-08-27

3. what is the net worth of Mike Smith in 2024 ?

Mike Smith net worth in 2024 is 12 million

4. what is the nationality of Mike Smith ?

Mike Smith nationality is US

5. What is the Mike Smith occupation ?

Mike Smith occupation is coach , american_football_coach

6. What is the gender of Mike Smith ?

Gender of Mike Smith is Male

7. What is nick name of Mike Smith ?

Nick name of Mike Smith is Michael E. Smith

8. Where Mike Smith was born?

Mike Smith was born in Thorburn, Nova Scotia, Canada

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