Shera Danese

Shera Danese (born October 9, 1949, height 5' 7" (1,70 m)) is an American actress and the widow of actor Peter Falk.


Danese was born in Hartsdale, New York. Her acting career began in 1976 with a part in one episode of One Day at a Time. Her other television credits include roles on Serpico, Baretta, Three's Company, Kojak, Family, Hart to Hart, Starsky and Hutch and Charlie's Angels. In one of her few roles on the big screen, she played a prostitute named Vicky in Risky Business, the 1983 film starring Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay.

Danese had a major role in three of the six Columbo episodes in which she appeared. She was never the killer, but she helped plan the murder in the episode: A Trace of Murder - 25th Anniversary Movie. She has the distinction of having acted in more episodes of Columbo than any other actress (but not actor). She met star Peter Falk on the show, and became his second wife on December 7, 1977. They were married for nearly 34 years until June 23, 2011, when Falk died at the age of 83.

Name Shera Danese
Age 74 years 7 month 19 days old
Born Place Hartsdale - New York - USA
Birthday 1949-10-09

Shera Danese - FAQ

1. Shera Danese Age in 2024 ?

Shera Danese Age in 2024 is 74 years 7 month 19 days old

2. What is the birthday of Shera Danese ?

Birthday of Shera Danese is 1949-10-09

3. What is the gender of Shera Danese ?

Gender of Shera Danese is Female

4. Where Shera Danese was born?

Shera Danese was born in Hartsdale - New York - USA

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