George Buza

George Buza, an actor of American-Canadian descent, has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Although he hails from Cleveland, he spent his formative years in Canada and eventually became a proud Canadian citizen in 1998.

Buza's most notable role is lending his voice to the character of Beast in the beloved 90's X-Men cartoon. Additionally, he made a memorable appearance as a truck driver in the first live-action movie adaptation. Not limited to these roles, Buza also took on the role of Santa in the chilling film, "A Christmas Horror Story."

Name George Buza
Age 75 years 4 month 12 days old
Born Place Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Birthday 1949-01-07

George Buza - FAQ

1. George Buza Age in 2024 ?

George Buza Age in 2024 is 75 years 4 month 12 days old

2. What is the birthday of George Buza ?

Birthday of George Buza is 1949-01-07

3. What is the gender of George Buza ?

Gender of George Buza is Male

4. Where George Buza was born?

George Buza was born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

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