Jeremy Brett

Jeremy Brett was a highly acclaimed English actor, with an illustrious career spanning stage, film, and television. Best known for playing the famous, fictional detective Sherlock Holmes in the Granada Television series "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" from 1984 to 1994, Brett's portrayal is considered iconic. His interpretation brought depth, intellect, and charisma to the character, earning him widespread acclaim and a devoted fanbase. Brett's dedication to embodying the intricacies of Sherlock Holmes, capturing the detective's eccentricities and brilliance, solidified his legacy as one of the definitive portrayals of the character in the history of film and television adaptations.

Name Jeremy Brett
Age 90 years 6 month 25 days old
Born Place Berkswell, United Kingdom
Birthday 1933-11-03
Death 1995-09-12

Jeremy Brett - FAQ

1. Jeremy Brett Age in 2024 ?

Jeremy Brett Age in 2024 is 90 years 6 month 25 days old

2. What was the birthday of Jeremy Brett ?

Birthday of Jeremy Brett was 1933-11-03

3. What was the gender of Jeremy Brett ?

Gender of Jeremy Brett was Male

4. When Jeremy Brett was Died ?

Jeremy Brett was died on 1995-09-12

5. What was nick name of Jeremy Brett ?

Nick name of Jeremy Brett was Peter Jeremy William Huggins,Джереми Бретт

6. Where Jeremy Brett was born?

Jeremy Brett was born in Berkswell, United Kingdom

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