Leo Wu

Wu Lei (simplified Chinese: 吴磊, born December 26, 1999), also known as Leo Wu, is a Chinese actor. He made his first appearance in numerous commercials since 2002 and officially began his career by appearing in the drama series The Legend and the Hero in 2005. Consequently, he has been known as "China’s Little Brother" according to his various roles since childhood. In 2018, he was ranked first place nationwide on the performance arts entrance exams at the Beijing Film Academy. He is known for films and drama series such as Adoring (2019), Cross Fire (2020), The Long Ballad (2021), Our Times (2021), Upcoming Summer (2021), Love Like the Galaxy (2022), and Nothing But You (2023).

Name Leo Wu
Age 24 years 3 month 17 days old
Born Place Shanghai, China
Birthday 1999-12-26

Leo Wu - FAQ

1. Leo Wu Age in 2024 ?

Leo Wu Age in 2024 is 24 years 3 month 17 days old

2. What is the birthday of Leo Wu ?

Birthday of Leo Wu is 1999-12-26

3. What is the gender of Leo Wu ?

Gender of Leo Wu is Male

4. What is nick name of Leo Wu ?

Nick name of Leo Wu is 吴磊,吳磊,Wú Lěi,Leo Wu Lei,Wu Lei,Leo,Leilei,Lei Wu,Ngô Lỗi

5. Where Leo Wu was born?

Leo Wu was born in Shanghai, China

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