Tina Desai

Tina Desai (born 24 February 1987) is an Indian actress and model. She debuted with the 2011 Hindi thriller film Yeh Faasley, and went on to star in the action comedy Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande, before making her international debut in 2012 in the English comedy-drama The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Name Tina Desai
Age 37 years 4 month 0 days old
Born Place Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Birthday 1987-02-24

Tina Desai - FAQ

1. Tina Desai Age in 2024 ?

Tina Desai Age in 2024 is 37 years 4 month 0 days old

2. What is the birthday of Tina Desai ?

Birthday of Tina Desai is 1987-02-24

3. What is the gender of Tina Desai ?

Gender of Tina Desai is Female

4. What is nick name of Tina Desai ?

Nick name of Tina Desai is Tina Desae,Tena Desae

5. Where Tina Desai was born?

Tina Desai was born in Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Tina Desai Photo

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