Chloe East

Chloe East is an American actress and dancer. She gained popularity from her Youtube success in 2016. She starred in the first season of the Audience Network television series Ice, and in the 2017–2018 ABC television series Kevin Saves the World.

Name Chloe East
Age 23 years 3 month 11 days old
Born Place San Clemente, California, USA
Birthday 2001-02-16

Chloe East - FAQ

1. Chloe East Age in 2024 ?

Chloe East Age in 2024 is 23 years 3 month 11 days old

2. What is the birthday of Chloe East ?

Birthday of Chloe East is 2001-02-16

3. What is the gender of Chloe East ?

Gender of Chloe East is Female

4. Where Chloe East was born?

Chloe East was born in San Clemente, California, USA

Chloe East Photo

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