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Vinton Hayworth (June 4, 1906 – May 21, 1970) was an Americanactor who began in weaselly and milquetoast roles and aged into dignified character parts.


Born in Washington, D.C., he began acting in his late teens. He was a pioneering radio announcer in the early 1920s, first in Washington, later in New York City, and then in Chicago.

Subsequently, he appeared on numerous radio programs in various roles. He entered movies in 1933, under the stage name Jack Arnold and made appearances in small roles, usually played comically good-natured, sneaky characters. His appearances as Jack Arnold ended in the early 1940s and he did a two year stint on Broadway from 1942-44 before returning to California. He made appearances in film from the late 1950s onward.

Hayworth was also one of the founders of AFRA (later AFTRA), the union representing radio and television artists, of which he was also the president from 1951-54.

Hayworth began appearing on television in the 1950s. He appeared in Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Gunsmoke, Perry Mason, Dennis the Menace, Petticoat Junction, Hazel, The Munsters, Green Acres (1965) and Dick Tracy (1967). He played Carlos Galindo on Disney's Zorro (1957-1959). His final role was as General Winfield Schaeffer on I Dream of Jeannie between 1969 and 1970. Hayworth replaced Barton MacLane, who had played General Peterson until his death in 1969. Both Hayworth and MacLane died before the final episodes that they appeared in were aired.


Shortly after completing his recurring role of General Schaeffer in I Dream of Jeannie, Hayworth died of a heart attack on May 21, 1970. He died five days before I Dream of Jeannie aired its last first-run episode (May 26, 1970). His remains were cremated.


Hayworth was married to actress Jean Owens. Hayworth's elder sister was Volga Hayworth, mother of screen star Rita Hayworth.

Name Vinton Hayworth
Age 117 years 11 month 15 days old
Born Place Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Birthday 1906-06-04
Death 1970-05-21

Vinton Hayworth - FAQ

1. Vinton Hayworth Age in 2024 ?

Vinton Hayworth Age in 2024 is 117 years 11 month 15 days old

2. What was the birthday of Vinton Hayworth ?

Birthday of Vinton Hayworth was 1906-06-04

3. What was the gender of Vinton Hayworth ?

Gender of Vinton Hayworth was Male

4. When Vinton Hayworth was Died ?

Vinton Hayworth was died on 1970-05-21

5. What was nick name of Vinton Hayworth ?

Nick name of Vinton Hayworth was Vinton Hayworth Sr. ,Jack Arnold,Vinton Haworth

6. Where Vinton Hayworth was born?

Vinton Hayworth was born in Washington, District of Columbia, USA

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