Ziggy Marley

David Nesta "Ziggy" Marley (born 17 October 1968) is a Jamaican reggae musician. He is the son of reggae icon Bob Marley and Rita Marley. He led the family band Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers until 2002, with whom he released eight studio albums. After the disbandment, Ziggy launched a successful solo career by having released eight solo studio albums on his own record company, Tuff Gong Worldwide. Ziggy continues his father’s heritage to record and self-release all of his music. Marley is an eight-time Grammy Award winner and a Daytime Emmy Award recipient.

Name Ziggy Marley
Age 55 years 6 month 7 days old
Net Worth 10 million
Height 1.75 meter
Born Place Kingston, Jamaica
Nationality JM
Birthday 1968-10-17

Ziggy Marley - FAQ

1. Ziggy Marley Age in 2024 ?

Ziggy Marley Age in 2024 is 55 years 6 month 7 days old

2. What is the birthday of Ziggy Marley ?

Birthday of Ziggy Marley is 1968-10-17

3. what is the net worth of Ziggy Marley in 2024 ?

Ziggy Marley net worth in 2024 is 10 million

4. what is the height of Ziggy Marley ?

Ziggy Marley height is 1.75 meter

5. what is the nationality of Ziggy Marley ?

Ziggy Marley nationality is JM

6. What is the Ziggy Marley occupation ?

Ziggy Marley occupation is musician , singer , guitarist , singer-songwriter , voice_actor , artist , music_artist

7. What is the gender of Ziggy Marley ?

Gender of Ziggy Marley is Male

8. What is nick name of Ziggy Marley ?

Nick name of Ziggy Marley is David Marley

9. Where Ziggy Marley was born?

Ziggy Marley was born in Kingston, Jamaica

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