Tan Songyun

Tan Songyun, born in Luzhou, Sichuan Province on May 31, 1990, is a film and television actress in mainland China.

In 2001, he entered Sichuan Provincial Dance School to learn classical dance and folk dance. In 2005, he got involved in acting because he was filming the TV series "Live A Good Life". In 2007, he was admitted to the Acting Department of Beijing Film Academy. In 2012, he received much attention for playing the role of chun GUI in the qing dynasty drama "harem · Zhen Huan biography". In 2016, with the network drama "the best of us" won the most potential actor of the year on iQIYI scream night [4]; In the same year, the romantic film in which she participated, "A Smile makes me Smile", was released. In 2017, she won the best Actress award for online drama in the second Golden Seagull Asian New Media Film Festival and the Best Actress Award for the second Golden Bough Online Film and TELEVISION Festival by virtue of the love idol drama "Summer of the Fox". In the same year, the inspirational youth idol drama "Spray of Water", starring her as the leading role, broke the ratings of 1 for many times after it was broadcast. In the same year, he participated in the inspirational variety of acting competition "The Birth of an Actor".

On October 17, 2019, he was included in the 2019 Forbes List of China's 30 elites under the age of 30. In the same year, the suspense pure love giant film "Under The Clothes", starring the leading actor, was released on the Internet. On August 10, 2020, the youth growth healing drama "In the Name of My Family" aired. In September, she won the best Actress of the year in the 4th Internet Film Festival by virtue of "In the Name of Family".

Name Tan Songyun
Age 34 years 0 month 20 days old
Born Place Luzhou, Sichuan Province, China
Birthday 1990-05-31

Tan Songyun - FAQ

1. Tan Songyun Age in 2024 ?

Tan Songyun Age in 2024 is 34 years 0 month 20 days old

2. What is the birthday of Tan Songyun ?

Birthday of Tan Songyun is 1990-05-31

3. What is the gender of Tan Songyun ?

Gender of Tan Songyun is Female

4. What is nick name of Tan Songyun ?

Nick name of Tan Songyun is Seven Tan Song-Yun,Seven Tan ,Tan Songyun,谭松韵,小松鼠,小谭,Tan Song Yun,タンソンユン,ถานซงยวิ้น, 谭晶晶,譚松韻

5. Where Tan Songyun was born?

Tan Songyun was born in Luzhou, Sichuan Province, China

Tan Songyun Photo

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