Zhang Yuxi

A (Zhang Yuxi) Zhang Yu Xi is a Chinese model and actress. She launched her career as a model after winning the 7th Ruili Cover Girl contest in 2009. She branched into acting in the 2013 television drama “Tang Dynasty Good Man.” Zhang Yu Xi has since appeared in a number of popular films and television dramas, including “My Little Princess”. She also served on the cast of the television show “Fresh Man”.

She is dating "My Little Princess" co-star Kenji Chen.

Name Zhang Yuxi
Age 31 years 4 month 22 days old
Born Place Dunhua, Jilin, China
Birthday 1993-01-29

Zhang Yuxi - FAQ

1. Zhang Yuxi Age in 2024 ?

Zhang Yuxi Age in 2024 is 31 years 4 month 22 days old

2. What is the birthday of Zhang Yuxi ?

Birthday of Zhang Yuxi is 1993-01-29

3. What is the gender of Zhang Yuxi ?

Gender of Zhang Yuxi is Female

4. What is nick name of Zhang Yuxi ?

Nick name of Zhang Yuxi is 张予曦,Zhang Yuxi,Zhang Yu Xi,張予曦

5. Where Zhang Yuxi was born?

Zhang Yuxi was born in Dunhua, Jilin, China

Zhang Yuxi Photo

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