Alana Haim

Alana Mychal Haim (born December 15, 1991) is an American musician and actress. She is a pianist, guitarist, and vocalist of the American pop-rock band Haim, which also consists of her two older sisters, Este Haim and Danielle Haim. In 2021, she starred in Paul Thomas Anderson's film Licorice Pizza alongside Cooper Hoffman and the rest of Haim.

Name Alana Haim
Age 32 years 5 month 7 days old
Born Place Los Angeles, California, USA
Birthday 1991-12-15

Alana Haim - FAQ

1. Alana Haim Age in 2024 ?

Alana Haim Age in 2024 is 32 years 5 month 7 days old

2. What is the birthday of Alana Haim ?

Birthday of Alana Haim is 1991-12-15

3. What is the gender of Alana Haim ?

Gender of Alana Haim is Female

4. What is nick name of Alana Haim ?

Nick name of Alana Haim is Baby Haim

5. Where Alana Haim was born?

Alana Haim was born in Los Angeles, California, USA

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