Sarah Parish

Although Sarah was born and brought up in Yeovil in Somerset, an appearance in a cult advert for Manchester-based Boddingtons Bitter in 1994 (as Vera, who likes nothing better than "a good rub down with chip fat") led to a series of roles as northern women (Dawn Rudge in "Peak Practice" (1993), Allie Henshall in "Cutting It" (2002) and Natalie Holden in "Blackpool" (2004)), causing many people to believe that she is a native of the north-west.

Name Sarah Parish
Age 55 years 11 month 13 days old
Born Place Yeovil, Somerset, England
Birthday 1968-06-07

Sarah Parish - FAQ

1. Sarah Parish Age in 2024 ?

Sarah Parish Age in 2024 is 55 years 11 month 13 days old

2. What is the birthday of Sarah Parish ?

Birthday of Sarah Parish is 1968-06-07

3. What is the gender of Sarah Parish ?

Gender of Sarah Parish is Female

4. Where Sarah Parish was born?

Sarah Parish was born in Yeovil, Somerset, England

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