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Geoffrey Manton Stults (born December 15, 1977) is an American actor. His first regular roles on television included 7th Heaven, October Road, and Happy Town. He went on to star as Major Walter Sherman on The Finder, Sgt. Pete Hill on Enlisted, and Marco Strzalkowski on Guilty Party. He also played the recurring role of Mitch on the hit Netflix series Grace and Frankie.

His film roles include Wedding Crashers, The Break-Up, She's Out of My League, Only the Brave, and 12 Strong.

He acted in the long running show, "7th Heaven" (1996), in which he played Ben, the brother of Kevin Kinkirk who is portrayed by George Stults, his real life brother.

He Attended Whittier College from 1994-1998, where he performed in some theatrical productions and played division III football. Played professional Football in Europe as a wide receiver.

Name Geoff Stults
Age 46 years 2 month 6 days old
Born Place Detroit, Michigan, USA
Birthday 1977-12-15

Geoff Stults - FAQ

1. Geoff Stults Age in 2024 ?

Geoff Stults Age in 2024 is 46 years 2 month 6 days old

2. What is the birthday of Geoff Stults ?

Birthday of Geoff Stults is 1977-12-15

3. What is the gender of Geoff Stults ?

Gender of Geoff Stults is Male

4. Where Geoff Stults was born?

Geoff Stults was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA

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