Na Chul

Na Chul was a South Korean actor and stage actor under UL Entertainment.

Na made his debut in the play “Anne’s Diary” in 2010.

He continued acting in several short films as well as independent movies prior to his well known roles in “Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds” (2017), Extreme Job (2019) and “1987: When The Day Comes” (2017).

In recent years, he had gained even more popularity through his roles in various hit television series such as Vincenzo, Hospital Playlist 2, D.P, Little Women and Weak Hero Class1.

He was heavily praised for his performance in the latter, by both audience and critics.

According to media outlets, his posthumous work is the upcoming movie “Concrete Utopia“, with co-stars such as Lee Byung-hun, Park Seo-joon and Park Bo-young.

On January 21, 2023, Na Chul passed away in the hospital while receiving treatment after his health had significantly deteriorated in recent times.

He was 36 years old.

He did not have a partner or children to leave behind.

Name Na Chul
Age 37 years 1 month 28 days old
Birthday 1986-12-24
Death 2023-01-21

Na Chul - FAQ

1. Na Chul Age in 2024 ?

Na Chul Age in 2024 is 37 years 1 month 28 days old

2. What was the birthday of Na Chul ?

Birthday of Na Chul was 1986-12-24

3. What was the gender of Na Chul ?

Gender of Na Chul was Male

4. When Na Chul was Died ?

Na Chul was died on 2023-01-21

5. What was nick name of Na Chul ?

Nick name of Na Chul was 나철,Na Cheol,罗哲

Na Chul Photo

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