Shion Wakayama

Shion Wakayama (若山 詩音, Wakayama Shion, born February 10, 1998) is a Japanese voice actress (seiyuu) and former child actress. She was born in Chiba Prefecture and is affiliated with Himawari Theater Group.

Shion joined Himawari Theater Group when she was 3 years old. She was scouted when she went to accompany her sister, who was a child actress. Since middle school she showed interest in voice acting because of her passion for video games. While in high school, she joined the art club, and in college, she was the bassist of a light music circle. Later, she became a voice actress and played her first lead role as Aoi Aoi in the anime film Her Blue Sky. Some of her major roles include Destiny/Cosette in Takt Op. Destiny and Mai Kawai in Police in a Pod.

Name Shion Wakayama
Age 26 years 3 month 19 days old
Born Place Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Birthday 1998-02-10

Shion Wakayama - FAQ

1. Shion Wakayama Age in 2024 ?

Shion Wakayama Age in 2024 is 26 years 3 month 19 days old

2. What is the birthday of Shion Wakayama ?

Birthday of Shion Wakayama is 1998-02-10

3. What is the gender of Shion Wakayama ?

Gender of Shion Wakayama is Female

4. What is nick name of Shion Wakayama ?

Nick name of Shion Wakayama is 若山詩音,わかやま しおん,와카야마 시온

5. Where Shion Wakayama was born?

Shion Wakayama was born in Chiba Prefecture, Japan

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