Oka Giner

Okairy Alejandra Giner Arredondo better known as Oka Giner, is a Mexican actress who gained popularity for her debut role as Bárbara Fuenmayor in the 2013 Mexican television series, Gossip Girl: Acapulco.

Name Oka Giner
Age 31 years 5 month 19 days old
Born Place Camargo, Chihuahua, Mexico
Birthday 1992-11-30

Oka Giner - FAQ

1. Oka Giner Age in 2024 ?

Oka Giner Age in 2024 is 31 years 5 month 19 days old

2. What is the birthday of Oka Giner ?

Birthday of Oka Giner is 1992-11-30

3. What is the gender of Oka Giner ?

Gender of Oka Giner is Female

4. Where Oka Giner was born?

Oka Giner was born in Camargo, Chihuahua, Mexico

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