Glenn Strange

At various times in his life a rancher, deputy sheriff and rodeo performer, this huge, towering (6' 5") beast of a man was born George Glenn Strange in Weed, New Mexico, on August 16, 1899, but grew up a real-life cowboy in Cross Cut, Texas. Of Irish and Cherokee Indian descent, he taught himself (by ear) the fiddle and guitar at a young age and started performing at local functions as a teen. In the late 1920s, Glenn and his cousin, Taylor McPeters, better known later as the western character actor Cactus Mack, joined a radio singing group known as the "Arizona Wranglers" that toured throughout the country.

Name Glenn Strange
Age 124 years 9 month 13 days old
Born Place Weed, New Mexico, USA
Birthday 1899-08-16
Death 1973-09-20

Glenn Strange - FAQ

1. Glenn Strange Age in 2024 ?

Glenn Strange Age in 2024 is 124 years 9 month 13 days old

2. What was the birthday of Glenn Strange ?

Birthday of Glenn Strange was 1899-08-16

3. What was the gender of Glenn Strange ?

Gender of Glenn Strange was Male

4. When Glenn Strange was Died ?

Glenn Strange was died on 1973-09-20

5. What was nick name of Glenn Strange ?

Nick name of Glenn Strange was George Glenn Strange,Glen 'Peewee' Strange,Glen Strange,Peewee Strange

6. Where Glenn Strange was born?

Glenn Strange was born in Weed, New Mexico, USA

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