Kate Beckinsale

Kathrin Romany Beckinsale (born 26 July 1973) is an English actress and model..

She first gained notice, while a student at Oxford University, for making her debut in the film adaptation of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. Throughout the 1990s, she worked on both film and television, most notably by portraying the title character in the 1996 BBC television series Emma.

She started film work in the United States in the late 1990s. She appeared in small-scale dramas The Last Days of Disco (1998) and Brokedown Palace (1999). In 2001, she garnered international recognition when she was cast as the romantic lead opposite Ben Affleck in her breakthrough film, Pearl Harbor (2001). She then starred in a number of films including the romantic comedy Serendipity (2001), Tiptoes (2003), The Aviator (2004), and Click (2006).

Since playing the role of Selene in the Underworld film series (2003–2016), she has become known for her work in action films, including Van Helsing (2004), Whiteout (2009), Contraband (2012), and Total Recall (2012).

In 2016, she received critical acclaim for her performance in the period comedy film Love & Friendship, for which she received a nomination for the Critics' Choice Movie Award for Best Actress in a Comedy. She returned in action films with Jolt (2021). She also starred in two television projects with The Widow (2019) and Guilty Party (2021).

Name Kate Beckinsale
Age 50 years 6 month 30 days old
Net Worth 20 million
Height 1.7 meter
Born Place Chiswick, London, England, UK
Nationality GB
Birthday 1973-07-26

Kate Beckinsale - FAQ

1. Kate Beckinsale Age in 2024 ?

Kate Beckinsale Age in 2024 is 50 years 6 month 30 days old

2. What is the birthday of Kate Beckinsale ?

Birthday of Kate Beckinsale is 1973-07-26

3. what is the net worth of Kate Beckinsale in 2024 ?

Kate Beckinsale net worth in 2024 is 20 million

4. what is the height of Kate Beckinsale ?

Kate Beckinsale height is 1.7 meter

5. what is the nationality of Kate Beckinsale ?

Kate Beckinsale nationality is GB

6. What is the Kate Beckinsale occupation ?

Kate Beckinsale occupation is actor , model

7. What is the gender of Kate Beckinsale ?

Gender of Kate Beckinsale is Female

8. What is nick name of Kate Beckinsale ?

Nick name of Kate Beckinsale is Kathrin Beckinsale,Кейт Бекінсейл,Кейт Бекинсэйл,케이트 베킨세일,Κέιτ Μπεκινσέιλ,Kathrin Romary Beckinsale,凯特·贝金赛尔,凱特·貝琴薩,Κάθριν Μπεκινσέιλ,Κάθριν Ρόμιρι Μπεκινσέιλ,ケイト・ベッキンセイル,キャスリン・ベイリー・ベッキンセイル

9. Where Kate Beckinsale was born?

Kate Beckinsale was born in Chiswick, London, England, UK

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