Fred MacMurray

Born to Maleta Martin and Frederick MacMurray (concert violinist). Fred sang and played in orchestras to earn tuition. He was educated at Carroll College, Wis. Fred played with a Chicago orchestra for more than a year. Then he joined an orchestra in Hollywood where he played, did some recording and played extra roles. He then joined a comedy stage band, California Collegians, and went to New York. There he joined "Three's A Crowd" revue on Broadway and on the road. After this show closed, he returned to California and worked in vaudeville. He played the vaudeville circuits and night clubs until cast for major role in "Roberta". Signed by Paramount in 1935.

MacMurray was raised in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin from the age of 5, eventually graduating from Beaver Dam High School (currently the site of Beaver Dam Middle School), where he was a 3-sport star in football, baseball, and basketball. Fred retained a special place in his heart for his small-town Wisconsin upbringing, referring at any opportunity in magazine articles or interviews to the lifelong friends and cherished memories of Beaver Dam, even including mementos of his childhood in several of his films. In "Pardon my Past" (1945), Fred and fellow GI William Demarest are moving to Beaver Dam, WI to start a mink farm.

Name Fred MacMurray
Age 115 years 7 month 19 days old
Net Worth 150 million
Height 1.9 meter
Born Place Kankakee, Illinois, USA
Nationality US
Birthday 1908-08-30
Death 1991-11-05

Fred MacMurray - FAQ

1. Fred MacMurray Age in 2024 ?

Fred MacMurray Age in 2024 is 115 years 7 month 19 days old

2. What was the birthday of Fred MacMurray ?

Birthday of Fred MacMurray was 1908-08-30

3. what was the net worth of Fred MacMurray in 2024 ?

Fred MacMurray net worth in 2024 is 150 million

4. what was the height of Fred MacMurray ?

Fred MacMurray height was 1.9 meter

5. what was the nationality of Fred MacMurray ?

Fred MacMurray nationality was US

6. What was the Fred MacMurray occupation ?

Fred MacMurray occupation was actor , musician

7. What was the gender of Fred MacMurray ?

Gender of Fred MacMurray was Male

8. When Fred MacMurray was Died ?

Fred MacMurray was died on 1991-11-05

9. What was nick name of Fred MacMurray ?

Nick name of Fred MacMurray was Fred Mac Murray,Frederick Martin MacMurray,Fredrick Martin "Fred" MacMurray

10. Where Fred MacMurray was born?

Fred MacMurray was born in Kankakee, Illinois, USA

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