Jon Pertwee

John Devon Roland "Jon" Pertwee (7 July 1919 – 20 May 1996) was an English actor, comedian, entertainer and cabaret performer. Born into a theatrical family, he served in the Royal Navy and the Naval Intelligence Division during the Second World War. In his early career he worked as a stage comedian, which included performing at the Glasgow Empire Theatre and sharing a bill with Max Wall and Jimmy James.

Name Jon Pertwee
Age 104 years 9 month 13 days old
Born Place Chelsea, London, England, UK
Birthday 1919-07-07
Death 1996-05-20

Jon Pertwee - FAQ

1. Jon Pertwee Age in 2024 ?

Jon Pertwee Age in 2024 is 104 years 9 month 13 days old

2. What was the birthday of Jon Pertwee ?

Birthday of Jon Pertwee was 1919-07-07

3. What was the gender of Jon Pertwee ?

Gender of Jon Pertwee was Male

4. When Jon Pertwee was Died ?

Jon Pertwee was died on 1996-05-20

5. What was nick name of Jon Pertwee ?

Nick name of Jon Pertwee was John Devon Roland Pertwee

6. Where Jon Pertwee was born?

Jon Pertwee was born in Chelsea, London, England, UK

Jon Pertwee Photo

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