Kim Dawson

Kim Sill was born on December 8, 1963 in Tifton, Georgia as Kimberly Dawn Dawson. She is an actress and producer, and is now working as an animal rights activist.

Name Kim Dawson
Age 60 years 6 month 16 days old
Born Place Tifton, Georgia, USA
Birthday 1963-12-08

Kim Dawson - FAQ

1. Kim Dawson Age in 2024 ?

Kim Dawson Age in 2024 is 60 years 6 month 16 days old

2. What is the birthday of Kim Dawson ?

Birthday of Kim Dawson is 1963-12-08

3. What is the gender of Kim Dawson ?

Gender of Kim Dawson is Female

4. What is nick name of Kim Dawson ?

Nick name of Kim Dawson is Kim Sill,Kimberly Dawn,Kimberly Dawson,Kim Dawsen

5. Where Kim Dawson was born?

Kim Dawson was born in Tifton, Georgia, USA

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