Nikki Fritz

Nikki Fritz was an American model and actress.

Fritz was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She appeared in over forty films, at least eleven television productions and over fifteen videos. In 2005, Fritz stopped appearing in television films but she continued to maintain her website.

She passed away in February 2020 of cancer.

Name Nikki Fritz
Age 61 years 1 month 17 days old
Born Place Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Birthday 1963-04-07
Death 2020-02-25

Nikki Fritz - FAQ

1. Nikki Fritz Age in 2024 ?

Nikki Fritz Age in 2024 is 61 years 1 month 17 days old

2. What was the birthday of Nikki Fritz ?

Birthday of Nikki Fritz was 1963-04-07

3. What was the gender of Nikki Fritz ?

Gender of Nikki Fritz was Female

4. When Nikki Fritz was Died ?

Nikki Fritz was died on 2020-02-25

5. What was nick name of Nikki Fritz ?

Nick name of Nikki Fritz was Bobbi Fritz.,Bobbi Fritz,Niki Fritz,Nikki Goldstein,Nikki Chan

6. Where Nikki Fritz was born?

Nikki Fritz was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

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