Mac Ahlberg

Mac Arne Bertil Ahlberg was a Swedish photographer, film director and screen writer. He worked in both low-budget genre films and high-budget studio features and series. As a director of photography, Ahlberg shot dozens of features, documentaries and television productions throughout Europe including the five-part documentary “Ingmar Bergman Makes a Movie.” In 1965 he directed his first feature, the Danish erotic film “I, a Woman,” a box office success that spawned two sequels.

Name Mac Ahlberg
Age 92 years 10 month 5 days old
Born Place Ängelholm, Sweden
Birthday 1931-06-12
Death 2012-10-26

Mac Ahlberg - FAQ

1. Mac Ahlberg Age in 2024 ?

Mac Ahlberg Age in 2024 is 92 years 10 month 5 days old

2. What was the birthday of Mac Ahlberg ?

Birthday of Mac Ahlberg was 1931-06-12

3. What was the gender of Mac Ahlberg ?

Gender of Mac Ahlberg was Male

4. When Mac Ahlberg was Died ?

Mac Ahlberg was died on 2012-10-26

5. What was nick name of Mac Ahlberg ?

Nick name of Mac Ahlberg was Bert Torn,Edward Mannering

6. Where Mac Ahlberg was born?

Mac Ahlberg was born in Ängelholm, Sweden

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