Martine McCutcheon

Martine Kimberley Sherrie McCutcheon (née Ponting, born 14 May 1976) is an English actress and singer.

She studied at the renowned Italia Conti stage school in London from the age of 10. She appeared in several billboard ads and television commercials as a child, then won a part in the BBC children's series Bluebirds in '89, after which further TV and theatre roles followed.

At 15 she was picked to front the all-girl band 'Milan', who went on tour with East 17, but they disbanded in April '94. She earned her Empire and MTV Movie awards.

Her big break came in January '95 with the part of Tiffany Raymond in BBC's soap opera 'Eastenders' and her role in the 2003 romantic comedy Love Actually. She was written out of EastEnders at the end of 1998 and then embarked on a pop career, this time as a solo artist. She has so far released 6 hit singles and 3 albums, two of which reached Gold and Platinum status.

Name Martine McCutcheon
Age 48 years 0 month 15 days old
Born Place Hackney, London, England
Birthday 1976-05-14

Martine McCutcheon - FAQ

1. Martine McCutcheon Age in 2024 ?

Martine McCutcheon Age in 2024 is 48 years 0 month 15 days old

2. What is the birthday of Martine McCutcheon ?

Birthday of Martine McCutcheon is 1976-05-14

3. What is the gender of Martine McCutcheon ?

Gender of Martine McCutcheon is Female

4. What is nick name of Martine McCutcheon ?

Nick name of Martine McCutcheon is Martine Ponting

5. Where Martine McCutcheon was born?

Martine McCutcheon was born in Hackney, London, England

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