Yao Chen

Yao Chen, an actress, singer, and dubber from Mainland China. She has graduated from the Performance Department of Beijing Film Academy.

Name Yao Chen
Age 44 years 7 month 17 days old
Born Place Shishi, Fujian Province, China
Birthday 1979-10-05

Yao Chen - FAQ

1. Yao Chen Age in 2024 ?

Yao Chen Age in 2024 is 44 years 7 month 17 days old

2. What is the birthday of Yao Chen ?

Birthday of Yao Chen is 1979-10-05

3. What is the gender of Yao Chen ?

Gender of Yao Chen is Female

4. What is nick name of Yao Chen ?

Nick name of Yao Chen is 姚晨,Chen Yao

5. Where Yao Chen was born?

Yao Chen was born in Shishi, Fujian Province, China

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