John Banner

John Banner (Height: 6 feet 1 inch [1.85 meters]), born Johann Banner on January 28, 1910, was an Austrian-American actor who achieved lasting fame for his portrayal of the bumbling German Sergeant Hans Schultz in the beloved sitcom Hogan's Heroes (1965-1971).

Banner was born in Vienna, Austria-Hungary (now Ukraine). He studied acting at the prestigious Reinhardt Seminar and began his career on the Viennese stage. In 1938, with the rise of the Nazis, Banner, a Jew, fled Austria for the United States.

After arriving in America, Banner struggled to find work in his chosen profession. He took on odd jobs to make ends meet while continuing to pursue his passion for acting. Eventually, he began landing small roles in Hollywood films, often playing stereotypical Germans.

In 1965, Banner landed the role of Sergeant Schultz in the CBS sitcom Hogan's Heroes. The show was set in a German prisoner-of-war camp during World War II and followed the exploits of a group of American officers led by Colonel Robert Hogan (Bob Crane). Banner's portrayal of Schultz, the guard who was always "seeing nothing" and "hearing nothing" while the prisoners tunneled out of the camp or conducted other escapades, was a comedic highlight of the show.

Banner's comedic timing and delivery of the catchphrases "I see nothing!" and "I know nothing!" endeared him to audiences around the world. He remained with the show for its entire six-season run, becoming synonymous with the role of Sergeant Schultz.

After Hogan's Heroes ended in 1971, Banner continued to act, appearing in guest roles on various television shows. He also returned to the stage, performing in a number of productions.

In 1973, Banner died of a heart attack while visiting Vienna. He was 63 years old.

Name John Banner
Age 114 years 2 month 23 days old
Net Worth 3 million
Born Place Stanislau, Galicia, Austria-Hungary [now Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine]
Nationality AT
Birthday 1910-01-28
Death 1973-01-08

John Banner - FAQ

1. John Banner Age in 2024 ?

John Banner Age in 2024 is 114 years 2 month 23 days old

2. What was the birthday of John Banner ?

Birthday of John Banner was 1910-01-28

3. what was the net worth of John Banner in 2024 ?

John Banner net worth in 2024 is 3 million

4. what was the nationality of John Banner ?

John Banner nationality was AT

5. What was the John Banner occupation ?

John Banner occupation was actor

6. What was the gender of John Banner ?

Gender of John Banner was Male

7. When John Banner was Died ?

John Banner was died on 1973-01-08

8. What was nick name of John Banner ?

Nick name of John Banner was Johann Banner

9. Where John Banner was born?

John Banner was born in Stanislau, Galicia, Austria-Hungary [now Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine]

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