Lee Je-hoon

Lee Je-hoon (born July 4, 1984) is a South Korean actor. He started his career in indie films. After his breakthrough in acclaimed independent film Bleak Night (2011), he went on to appear in commercial films like The Front Line (2011), Architecture 101 (2012), My Paparotti (2013), I Can Speak (2017), Time to Hunt (2020), and television series Fashion King (2012), Secret Door (2014), Signal (2016), Tomorrow, With You (2017), Where Stars Land (2018), Taxi Driver (2021–2023), and Move to Heaven (2021).

Name Lee Je-hoon
Age 39 years 7 month 21 days old
Born Place Seoul, South Korea
Birthday 1984-07-04

Lee Je-hoon - FAQ

1. Lee Je-hoon Age in 2024 ?

Lee Je-hoon Age in 2024 is 39 years 7 month 21 days old

2. What is the birthday of Lee Je-hoon ?

Birthday of Lee Je-hoon is 1984-07-04

3. What is the gender of Lee Je-hoon ?

Gender of Lee Je-hoon is Male

4. What is nick name of Lee Je-hoon ?

Nick name of Lee Je-hoon is 이제훈,Lee Je-hun,Je-hoon Lee,Lee Jehoon,李帝勋, 李帝勳

5. Where Lee Je-hoon was born?

Lee Je-hoon was born in Seoul, South Korea

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