Pinto Colvig

He is probably best known as the voice of Disney's Goofy and the original Bozo the Clown, a part he played for a full decade beginning in 1946. He also provided the voice for Practical Pig, the pig who built the "house of bricks" in the Disney short Three Little Pigs, as well as both Sleepy and Grumpy in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and the barks for Pluto the dog. Colvig worked for not only the Disney studio, but also the Warner Bros. animation studio , Fleischer Studios (Bluto, Gabby), and MGM, where he voiced a Munchkin in The Wizard of Oz.

Name Pinto Colvig
Age 131 years 5 month 17 days old
Born Place Jacksonville, Oregon, USA
Birthday 1892-09-11
Death 1967-10-03

Pinto Colvig - FAQ

1. Pinto Colvig Age in 2024 ?

Pinto Colvig Age in 2024 is 131 years 5 month 17 days old

2. What was the birthday of Pinto Colvig ?

Birthday of Pinto Colvig was 1892-09-11

3. What was the gender of Pinto Colvig ?

Gender of Pinto Colvig was Male

4. When Pinto Colvig was Died ?

Pinto Colvig was died on 1967-10-03

5. What was nick name of Pinto Colvig ?

Nick name of Pinto Colvig was Vance DeBar Colvig

6. Where Pinto Colvig was born?

Pinto Colvig was born in Jacksonville, Oregon, USA

Pinto Colvig Photo

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