Wong Jing

Wong Jing is one of Hong Kong's most prolific, talented and controversial filmmakers. His directorial style, at best, manages to combine commercial appeal and artistic aspects. Most of his films were among the biggest box office hits, partly due to possessing an amazing sense of what would play well. Some of his films have achieved groundbreaking success, artistically as well as financially.

Name Wong Jing
Age 68 years 11 month 14 days old
Born Place Hong Kong,China
Birthday 1955-05-03

Wong Jing - FAQ

1. Wong Jing Age in 2024 ?

Wong Jing Age in 2024 is 68 years 11 month 14 days old

2. What is the birthday of Wong Jing ?

Birthday of Wong Jing is 1955-05-03

3. What is the gender of Wong Jing ?

Gender of Wong Jing is Male

4. What is nick name of Wong Jing ?

Nick name of Wong Jing is Jing Wong,Wong Jing,王晶

5. Where Wong Jing was born?

Wong Jing was born in Hong Kong,China

Wong Jing Photo

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