Kati Outinen

Anna Katriina Outinen (born August 17, 1961), is a Finnish actress who has often played leading female roles in Aki Kaurismäki's films.

Outinen was born in Helsinki. Having studied under Jouko Turkka during his "reign" of drama studies in Finland, she nevertheless has never been associated with the "turkkalaisuus" school of acting methodology. Her breakthrough role was as a tough girl in the generational classic youth film Täältä tullaan elämä by Tapio Suominen.

In 1984, she appeared in Aikalainen.

Besides a strong domestic reputation gained through a widely varied list of roles in theater and television drama, film director Aki Kaurismäki's films have brought Outinen international attention and even adulation, particularly in Germany and France.

At the 2002 Cannes Film Festival, Outinen won the award for Best Actress for the Kaurismäki film The Man Without a Past.

Name Kati Outinen
Age 62 years 9 month 2 days old
Born Place Helsinki, Finland
Birthday 1961-08-17

Kati Outinen - FAQ

1. Kati Outinen Age in 2024 ?

Kati Outinen Age in 2024 is 62 years 9 month 2 days old

2. What is the birthday of Kati Outinen ?

Birthday of Kati Outinen is 1961-08-17

3. What is the gender of Kati Outinen ?

Gender of Kati Outinen is Female

4. What is nick name of Kati Outinen ?

Nick name of Kati Outinen is 카티 오우티넨

5. Where Kati Outinen was born?

Kati Outinen was born in Helsinki, Finland

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