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John Alexander Fraser (1931 - 2020 was a Scottish actor and author. He is best known for his performances in the films The Good Companions (1957), The Trials of Oscar Wilde (1960), El Cid (1961), Repulsion (1965), and Isadora (1968).

One of his earliest roles was as Inigo Jollifant in the second film version of J. B. Priestley's The Good Companions (1957). He went on to have leading roles in films such as El Cid, The Trials of Oscar Wilde (playing Lord Alfred Douglas), Roman Polanski's Repulsion, Isadora, and Schizo. He made appearances on television series including Danger Man (1964), Randall and Hopkirk (1969), Columbo (1972), Doctor Who (1981), and The Bill (1995).

In 2004, he published his autobiography, Close Up, in which he wrote frankly about his gay life and friendships.

Name John Fraser
Age 93 years 1 month 0 days old
Born Place Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Birthday 1931-03-18
Death 2020-11-06

John Fraser - FAQ

1. John Fraser Age in 2024 ?

John Fraser Age in 2024 is 93 years 1 month 0 days old

2. What was the birthday of John Fraser ?

Birthday of John Fraser was 1931-03-18

3. What was the gender of John Fraser ?

Gender of John Fraser was Male

4. When John Fraser was Died ?

John Fraser was died on 2020-11-06

5. What was nick name of John Fraser ?

Nick name of John Fraser was John Alexander Fraser

6. Where John Fraser was born?

John Fraser was born in Glasgow, Scotland, UK

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