Dan Aykroyd

Dan Aykroyd, born in Ottawa, initially pursued studies in psychology, criminal sociology, and political science at Carleton University, where his comedy journey took off. He co-wrote sketches for a private cable company, igniting his passion for acting. At 20, he joined The Second City comedy troupe in Chicago and Toronto, marking the start of his career.

In 1975, Aykroyd joined "Saturday Night Live" as a founding member of the "Not Ready For Prime Time Players," crafting iconic sketches like "The Blues Brothers" with Belushi and "Two Wild and Crazy Guys" with Steve Martin. The success of "The Blues Brothers" sketch led to a full-length feature in 1980, with Aykroyd writing and producing the movie soundtrack, defying the disco and punk era.

His versatile talent shines in roles like Dr. Ray Stantz in "Ghostbusters," Jessica Tandy’s son in "Driving Miss Daisy," a single father in "My Girl," and an assassin in "Grosse Pointe Blank," showcasing both comedic and dramatic prowess.

Name Dan Aykroyd
Age 71 years 10 month 27 days old
Net Worth 200 million
Height 1.85 meter
Born Place Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Nationality CA
Birthday 1952-07-01

Dan Aykroyd - FAQ

1. Dan Aykroyd Age in 2024 ?

Dan Aykroyd Age in 2024 is 71 years 10 month 27 days old

2. What is the birthday of Dan Aykroyd ?

Birthday of Dan Aykroyd is 1952-07-01

3. what is the net worth of Dan Aykroyd in 2024 ?

Dan Aykroyd net worth in 2024 is 200 million

4. what is the height of Dan Aykroyd ?

Dan Aykroyd height is 1.85 meter

5. what is the nationality of Dan Aykroyd ?

Dan Aykroyd nationality is CA

6. What is the Dan Aykroyd occupation ?

Dan Aykroyd occupation is comedian , singer , actor , screenwriter , television_producer , film_producer , voice_actor

7. What is the gender of Dan Aykroyd ?

Gender of Dan Aykroyd is Male

8. What is nick name of Dan Aykroyd ?

Nick name of Dan Aykroyd is Elwood,Daniel Edward Aykroyd,Danny Aykroyd,댄 애크로이드,丹·艾克洛德

9. Where Dan Aykroyd was born?

Dan Aykroyd was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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