Brenda James

Star and monster of the Cult Classic "Slither" Brenda James started out as a 1980's commercial actress in Los Angeles. She was cast as a regular in one of the very first cable sit-coms "Safe at Home" for Ted Turner's network. Brenda spent decades either in guest star roles, like the pregnant murderer in "The Practice" or screaming in slasher movies like "Cutting Class" where she starred along with Brad Pitt in his first feature. Not only did Brenda James play the "Brenda Blob" for James Gunn but she worked in the MTV boy band series "2Gether" as sleazy manager, Liz Porter, produced and written by Brian Gunn and Mark Gunn. Touring Europe as Agnes in "Agnes of God" was one of her career highlights as well as being the inspiration in "Patriot Games" for Harrison Ford to bring back a crucial memory that twists the plot for the entire movie conclusion. The 2000's brought Brenda James into the sci-fi genre where she played Dr. Katie Brown the horticultural love interest for David Hewlett's character Rodney McKay. She worked alongside Anthony Michael Hall and Ally Sheedy in the Breakfast Club themed cliff hanger episodes of "The Dead Zone."

Name Brenda James
Born Place Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Brenda James - FAQ

1. What is the gender of Brenda James ?

Gender of Brenda James is Female

2. What is nick name of Brenda James ?

Nick name of Brenda James is Brenda Lynn Klemme ,Brenda Klemme

3. Where Brenda James was born?

Brenda James was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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