Yoko Shimada

Kumamoto City-born Shimada Yoko is best known in the west as Mariko from the 1980 mini-series Shogun. The lady-in-waiting role created an interest in Japan and its culture overseas and introduced Japanese history to foreign audiences. She won the Golden Globe For Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-Series - Drama category and was nominated for a Prime-time Emmy Award for her work on the serial in 1981. Shimada, who spoke some English for the serial, had been acting for years prior to Shogun however. She began learning ballet since age three and wanted to become a ballerina until her high high school days. Her family had moved to Tokyo when she was eight. She obtained an agent and began acting while in junior high school. The TV serial Zoku Hyouten made her famous beginning 1970. She released a nude photo book, called Kir Royal, in 1992. She was 39 and the photo book became a bestseller shifting half a million copies. At 57 she starred in an 'AV' pornography video called Mikkai in 2011. This was a tribute to her body even at that age. Shimada has a reservation for a space burial.

Name Yoko Shimada
Age 70 years 10 month 29 days old
Born Place Kumamoto, Japan
Birthday 1953-05-17
Death 2022-07-25

Yoko Shimada - FAQ

1. Yoko Shimada Age in 2024 ?

Yoko Shimada Age in 2024 is 70 years 10 month 29 days old

2. What was the birthday of Yoko Shimada ?

Birthday of Yoko Shimada was 1953-05-17

3. What was the gender of Yoko Shimada ?

Gender of Yoko Shimada was Female

4. When Yoko Shimada was Died ?

Yoko Shimada was died on 2022-07-25

5. What was nick name of Yoko Shimada ?

Nick name of Yoko Shimada was Yôko Shimada ,島田陽子,島田洋子

6. Where Yoko Shimada was born?

Yoko Shimada was born in Kumamoto, Japan

Yoko Shimada Photo

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