Kenji Utsumi

Kenji Utsumi (内海 賢二, Utsumi Kenji, August 26, 1937 – June 13, 2013) was a Japanese actor and voice actor from Kitakyushu, affiliated with the self-founded Ken Production.

He was best known for his roles in Sally the Witch (1966) (as Sally's Papa), Fist of the North Star (as Raoh and Kaioh), Dr. Slump Arale-chan (as Senbei Norimaki), the Dragon Ball series (as Shenlong, Commander Red, Reacoom and the Tenkaichi Budōkai announcer), Fullmetal Alchemist (as Alex Louis Armstrong) and Hajime no Ippo (as Coach Kamogawa). He was also known for dubbing over the voices of actors Carl Weathers, Steve McQueen, Jack Nicholson, Sammy Davis, Jr., Victor Mature and Robert Shaw in the Japanese-language editions of their films.

He received a lifetime achievement award at the third Seiyu Awards.

Name Kenji Utsumi
Age 86 years 5 month 30 days old
Born Place Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Birthday 1937-08-26
Death 2013-06-13

Kenji Utsumi - FAQ

1. Kenji Utsumi Age in 2024 ?

Kenji Utsumi Age in 2024 is 86 years 5 month 30 days old

2. What was the birthday of Kenji Utsumi ?

Birthday of Kenji Utsumi was 1937-08-26

3. What was the gender of Kenji Utsumi ?

Gender of Kenji Utsumi was Male

4. When Kenji Utsumi was Died ?

Kenji Utsumi was died on 2013-06-13

5. What was nick name of Kenji Utsumi ?

Nick name of Kenji Utsumi was 内海 賢二

6. Where Kenji Utsumi was born?

Kenji Utsumi was born in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

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